Wine List
Apple Cranberry
This wine has a mix of A beautiful semi-sweet wine, made with the perfect blend of locally grown apples and Wisconsin Grown Cranberry for a perfect blend

Apple Peach
Sweet front with a hint of tart.

Apple Raspberry
A mix of sweet raspberry wine with Wisconsin grown apple wine.

Blackberry Wine
A sweet schnapps taste.

Blueberry Cherry Wine
The perfect mixture of Door County Cherries and Michigan Blueberries creates a sweet mix.

Blueberry Wine
A great sweet dessert wine, the best for parties and get togethers.

Cherry Wine
Using Door County Cherries this wine has a semi-sweet tart taste that cleanses the palate.

Cranberry Wine
Wisconsin grown, semi-sweet great with or without food.

Dutch Apple Pie
Apple wine mixed with apple cider mulled with spices with extra brandy. 20% alc.

Gary's Old Fashioned Mix
Homemade n/a old fashion mix use one shot with brandy or whiskey and wash to make a perfect old fashion drink.

Irish Diva Moscato
Sweet grape taste with a hint of apple.

Irish Gold (Mead Wine)
Sweet taste of fermented honey, kissed with an orange citrus.

Kiss Me Chardonnay
A soft dry fruity wine with hints of red floral petals.

Kiss of Blarney
A catawba grape wine close to a soft zin taste.

Lemon Wine
A tart semi-sweet very fruity summer wine great with vodka.

Old Fashioned Cherry
Cherry wine with bitters, brandy and mulling spices tastes like an old fashion. 20% alc.

Pineapple Wine
A taste of the tropics a little closer to home. Semi sweet fruity wine that goes great with rum.

Plum Wine
Big daddy tart sweet wine perfect with root veggies.

Red Passion Wine
Using Door County Cherries this wine has a semi-sweet tart taste that cleanses the palate.

Rhubarb Wine
Soft light sweet with a little spice. Light pink in color.

Spiked Lemoncello
Lemon wine sweeted with pear wine makes a great summer drink.

The Green Leprechaun
Green in color this apple wine is combined with lemon wine and lime juice to make a tasty margarita. Get your green drink on for St. Patrick's Day.


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