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Kerrigan Brothers Winery created & sold our first bottle of wine in 2000, becoming the thirteenth winery in the state.  We have been a family owned & operated business since then & still are today. Our wine was loved by all and soon we realized it was time to expand. Construction for our building began in 2007, since then we have been kept the shelves stocked with the best wine & accessories you can get. 


Troy Landwehr, with the support of his family, ventured into the world of Wisconsin wine making.  Named after his grandmother’s brothers, who were known to drink just a wee bit, we created several different varieties of wine all with a focus on Wisconsin grown fruit, sometimes needing to venture out of the state but staying in the USA. In addition, all of our amazing cheese that gets carved is proudly Wisconsin made.


Troy used his creative sense of taste to compose both traditional and modern takes on fruit and grape wines. He was tireless in his pursuit of the “next great taste” experimenting with such flavors as Tomato Jalapeno and Blue Raspberry.  The goal was to have a wine for every taste. Sadly, Troy passed away in 2021, and the winery was passed onto his cousin, Jeff Letter.  Presented with the opportunity to continue Troy’s legacy and be a part of this family business, Jeff and his wife, Joelle, humbly but whole-heartedly took over the winery with the goal of making Troy proud. Jeff had worked with Troy since 2010 on a part-time basis and was taught the art of wine making.  Taking what he learned from Troy and his quest to perfect his craft, Jeff took on the sole responsibility as Head Vintor. 


We continue to be a family-owned and operated business. Come in on any given day and not only will you be greeted with a smile, but you will also be treated like one of us– family.  Stop in, taste our wine and enjoy the breeze on our patio. Life doesn’t get any better than this.








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